3D Animations

In essence, computer animations can place a judge or jury on the scene without leaving the courtroom. Similarly, complex processes, situations or equipment can be recreated as if they were actually present in the courtroom. Either way, your evidence becomes clear, powerful, and convincing.

Computer Animations

  • Accidents can be reconstructed as if a videotape of the event had been made.
  • Environments can be recreated, and every angle and perspective identified.
  • Products and equipment can be recreated, viewed from every angle, and
    shown in operation, both properly and improperly.
  • Comparisons can show proper and improper processes, uses, designs,
    lighting and other constraints between how something should have occurred
    and how it actually occurred.

Computer Models

Computer Models are used to simulate situations that can not be recreated or
photographed by conventional means, thus allowing the scenes to be viewed
at any angle.

When is an Animation Your Best Option?

  • An animation can be used when it is too dangerous to reenact the event.
  • The camera "view" can be placed in otherwise difficult vantage points.
  • Transparent views allow you to see views that are otherwise occluded.
  • An animation is used to recreate a scene that has changed or no longer
    exists as it did at the time of the accident.
  • Animations can be used to compare different scenarios (before/after, with/without,
    safe/unsafe, etc.)