Trial Graphics

Every case has precedents — and every case is unique. That's why CG&A's graphics are not just customized to each individual case, but can also be output for final presentation in a variety of formats. From exhibit boards to flip charts, magnetic boards to computer presentations, you get visually compelling evidence in the exact format that enables you to best present your case to your audience.

Presentation Boards

When your visual evidence consists of a few, dramatic graphic images, Presentation Boards are a reliable option. They can be easily moved around for best effect, including close-up inspection by the jury, and their size adds to their impact. In addition, they are not dependent on courtroom technology, and don't incur equipment or operator expenses.

Unlike projected images, a presentation board never goes away. It can stay up in the courtroom throughout the trial. Using a presentation board for your timeline, for example, helps the jury follow the case. Graphics that support individual entries on the timeline can be projected as your case unfolds, but the timeline stays up in the courtroom. Each time a new event is projected, jurors can refer to the timeline to see the significance of where that event falls.

Computer Presentations

Particularly useful in more complex, detailed cases

If your presentation consists of a larger number of images, presentation boards become simply too bulky, and give way to computer presentations. You can run through a sequence of images rapidly, and present a greater volume of evidence.

Images can be projected on a large 10'x10' screen or through several monitors set up at key locations in the courtroom. We design our presentations for whatever type of setup you need.